Sunday, March 11, 2007

...but not as much as it helps

Check out the news coverage of this study, with the headline: Study: Sex of any kind can harm teens emotionally. Notice the beginning, which (along with the title) issues a strong warning of the harms associated with teen sex:

Teenagers often suffer emotional consequences from having sex, even when it's "only" oral sex...up to one-half of the sexually active teenagers in their study said they'd ever felt "used," guilty or regretful after having sex...The study...suggests that parents should be sure to talk with their kids about the potential negative effects of having oral sex, not only intercourse.

The article describes the study methodology pretty well. But there's this part, here, that doesn't seem to get a lot of attention:

In fact, the teens more often reported positive effects than negative ones.

So, more positive than negative effects. Is one "suffering" an emotional consequence if it's positive?

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