Sunday, March 11, 2007

...and you also don't have to accept that what Freud said is "true"

As a discussion of biological (and thus, evolutionary) factors relating to human characteristics sits on my horizon, I draw attention to this article: Believing Scripture but Playing by Science’s Rules. A thorny issue, but two points: (1) Science is a method. It has rules to be followed; (2) One can *understand* something scientifically even if it doesn't fit into one's belief systems.

Dr. (Marcus) Ross is a “young earth creationist” — he believes that the Bible is a literally true account of the creation of the universe, and that the earth is at most 10,000 years old. (Dr. Ross says) the methods and theories of paleontology are one “paradigm” for studying the past, and Scripture is another.

It fascinates me how confusing that simple concept is for some people.

First posted at Psyche Killer qu'est que c'est on 2/12/07

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