Thursday, September 25, 2008

We sickologists are a sneaky bunch

Article: How to treat a "Money Disorder" - Actually, we're only talking about Fashionable & Stylish money disorders, similar to Fashionable & Stylish sex addiction and Fashionable & Stylish delusional psychosis, but all the same. Evidently there is a host of new "money disorders" we psychologists are treating:

overspending, underspending (a k a Depression mentality), serial borrowing, financial infidelity (“cheating” on a spouse by spending and lying about it), workaholism, financial incest (lording money over relatives to control them), financial enabling (throwing large sums at, say, adult children who then are not motivated to support themselves), hoarding, and plenty of guilt and shame around poverty and wealth.

How to treat it? Simple. Something called "Onsite"... one of a number of programs and workshops devoted to problem money behaviors...It costs $2,650 and involves six days of group therapy and financial counseling.

Step 1: Medicalize the behavior. Step 2: Convince people you know how to cure it. Step 3: Sell the cure to people who are bad with money. Brilliant.

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