Friday, January 6, 2012

C-Ville BJJ Yoga Program

All. This is the sequence I'll be teaching at C-ville BJJ. Links should bring you to further guidance on each pose. Poses without links are primarily Yoga 4 Fighters poses and I can't find good web images.

Charlottesville BJJ Yoga Program

Standing Poses
  • 3 Sun A (traditional)
  • 3 Sun B (traditional)
  • Big toe pose: Step feet to hip-width, fold forward (1) grab toes; (2) grabbing behind heals; raise up
  • Triangle: Step out right leg to face back; Triangle; raise/pivot; other side
  • Raise/pivot; Triangle 2 (flat back forward fold, hands on knees) – advance adds twist; raise/pivot; other side
  • Raise/pivot; Side angle pose, elbow on thigh – advance hand on ground inside/outside; raise/pivot; other side
  • Step to front of mat
  • Standing Wide Angle pose – A (traditional, hands on ground), C (hands clasped behind back), and D (grabbing heals)
  • Return to front, forward fold/squat, crane pose (hand balance) – vinyasa to standing
  • Pivot right to back of mat – Side Forward Fold (Parsvo), arms clasped behind back – advance in reverse prayer; Add standing split/hand balance; Raise/pivot other side; Hand balance to press-up; vinyasa to front
  • Balancing – hand to big toe/knee; (1) forward; (2) open to side; (3) extend
  • Vinyasa to Down Dog (DD); Side kick stretch – 3 legged dog, hips open, foot in side kick – move to (half) pigeon before switching to other side; return to DD to start on other side
  • From DD, jump through to seated
Seated Poses
  • Staff pose
  • Seated forward fold – 3 versions
  • Bridge pose (purvo) – hands pointed out – feet flat or straight
  • Vinyasa to DD, bring right leg through to S-pose; switch
  • Vinyasa to Hero’s pose
  • Vinyasa to Staff
  • Head to knee (Janu)
  • Step up (Marichi) – hand on outside for balance, cross grab hand over foot (or full)
  • Twist (Marichi D/no half-lotus)
  • Boat Pose – 3 sets; lift between poses
  • Lotus/Half-lotus – both sides; include fold in advance
  • Back roll (10 forward/back) – holding feet
  • Cobbler’s pose – (1) straight back fold; (2) rounded back fold
  • Seated wide angle – (1) hands on shins feet; (2) each side; (3) hands reaching forward
Finishing Poses